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The Skulldog Show

…always free, always entertaining and always crushing sportsbooks with their NFL and NCAA picks!

Skully and FinDog have over 20 years of handicapping experience (a combined 40 years). Their official track record as The SkullDog Show is:

2006: 58% win percentage
2007: 62% win percentage
2008: 55% win percentage
2009: 61% win percentage
2010: 60% win percentage
(see details here and posts from 2010 for more details…)
2011: 57% win percentage (but big on the overall units)
(see details here and posts from 2011 for more details…)

FULL 2012 SEASON for NCAA Football and NFL: 60%
NCAA Football was 62% for 2012 (verified on

Week 1: 4-5 (Another Twitter Winner > make sure to follow us!)
Week 2: 4-9 
Week 3: 9-8
Week 4: 11-7
Week 5: 12-4-1 (5-0 on special twitter blast on Thurs night action)
Week 6: 5-8
Week 7: 9-5 (3-0 on college football best bets!)
Week 8: 17-5 (!!!)
Week 9: 9-9-1
Week 10: 11-7 (another Twitter Pick winner!)
Week 11: 9-5-2 (traveling so Twitter picks dominated! 4-1-1!!!)
Week 12: 16-6 (5-0 on best bets!)
Week 13: 19-11
Week 14: 0-0 (week off)
Week 15: 0-0 (sometimes it pays to wait and then strike when the iron is hot!)
Week 16: 1-0 (one best bet, one win)
Week 17: 10-7
Week 18: 11-6-1
Week 19: 3-2

Total: 160-104-3 (*11-2-1 on Twitter Picks!)

Not all picks are equal! We apply UNITS to our bets:

GOING LARGE: 900 units
GOING MEDIUM: 600 units
GOING SMALL: 300 units (all twitter and radio show picks are given 300 by default)

For the full 2012 year, The Skulldog Show is up +25,200 units.

In 2010, we had a documented 60% record and up 16,500 units…

In 2011, we had a documented 57% record and up 17,100 units…


**VERIFY OUR RECORD! We are also monitored by several 3rd party football handicapping sites like CappersMonitor and PickMonitor.

The Skulldog Show appreciates your patronage! You can subscribe to our content and our Podcasts from the home page. Please note that we are offering our top picks for free.  The more people you tell, the more the SkullDog Show will provide free picks (we would rather offer our service to the masses and make money off advertising, than have subscriptions).  Use the SHARE buttons on this page to email your friends and post on Facebook. Thanks!

**Please note that the SkullDog show does not endorse or support illegal gambling. If you do use our picks, don’t come hating on us because you gambled and lost. Gambling is still gambling and there is always a chance you can lose, even with the bad ass picks of Skully and Findog!

…That said, if you pay attention to the SkullDog Show, and you do happen to be in a legal situation to capitalize off our picks,  it is very likely that you will win enough cash to get chicks like this all over your junk:


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