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We here at the Skulldogshow want to wish all of our fans, friends and family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! As we declare every year this is our favorite holiday as it is centered around 2 things: Food and Football. Literally, what could be better….

By now you have seen our blistering record in the month of November topped off by a 16-6 record last week whilst going 5-0 on our BEST BETS. I am not sure how much you would have to pay a “tout” for that kind of performance but here at the Skulldogshow it is free, entertaining and winning. What a deal, all we ask is that you tell a friend, we sure would be thankful for that small effort.

As Walt Whitman once wrote “Go Forth Young Man”  here are our  NFL Turkey Day picks and NCAA best bets for this coming weekend. You will need to check back Sunday am for our final week 12 NFL picks.   


Houston -3.5 over Detroit (Medium)
Washington +3 over Dallas (Medium)
New England -7 over NY Jets (Small)


Northwestern -19.5 over Illinois
Ball St. -7 over Miami OH
Fresno St. -17 over Air Force
Utah St. -38 over Idaho


Kent St. -9.5 over Ohio
San Jose St. -4 over LA Tech
Vanderbilt -11.5 over Wake Forest
Notre Dame -5.5 over USC


Memphis -4.5 over So. Mississippi
Penn St. -2.5 over Wisconsin
Nebraska -14.5 over Iowa
No. Illinois -21 over E. Illinois
Rutgers +2 over Pitt
Clemson -4 over South Carolina
Mississippi -1.5 over Miss St.
Washington -13.5 over Washington St.
Miami -6.5 over Duke
Oregon -9.5 over Oregon St.
San Diego St. -7.5 over Wyoming
Arizona -3 over ASU
Temple/Syracuse OVER 56.5
Tennessee/Kentucky OVER 61

**Please note that the SkullDog show does not endorse or support illegal gambling. If you do use our picks, don’t come hating on us because you gambled and lost. Gambling is still gambling and there is always a chance you can lose, even with the bad ass picks of Skully and Findog!


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Good morning,

Our favorite time of year has finally arrived. With food, family and Football as the focus what could top Thanksgiving weekend? Very little outside of cashing winning tickets and making some extra scratch prior to Christmas! So with that in mind here is our breakdown of this weekend’s action. As always, these picks are for free and you can track our performance against the number at Cappers Monitor or look at our 60% winning rate on our website  Alright on to the picks:

Thursday – Happy Turkey Day!

Going Large:

SF 49ers +3.5 over Baltimore

Going Small:

Miami +7.5 over Dallas

Detroit +6.5 over Green Bay

Texas A&M -8.5 over Texas


Going Medium:

 Arkansas +13.5 over LSU


Going Large:

Georgia -6.5 over Georgia Tech

Stanford -6.5 over Notre Dame

Alabama -21.5 over Auburn

Going Medium:

Ohio St. +7.5 over Michigan

Going Small:

Virginia +5.5 over Virginia Tech


Going Medium:

Pittsburgh -10.5 over Kansas City


Going Small:

New Orleans -6.5 over New York Giants

Have a great holiday and remember to stay tuned to for the latest winning action and all we ask in return is that you spread the gospel of the skulldogshow by telling a friend…..

Skully and Findog

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I am giving thanks by giving something to her...

The SkullDog Show got smacked around a bit last week…and look forward to some revenge this week. Luckily, some of our best bets hit, so unit-wise, we didn’t take much of a hit (-300 on a 3-7 week). So far this year, when we have had a bad week, we usually turn it around the following week. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

For the full 2011 year, The Skulldog Show is up 8,400 units!

With an average of over 60% for the past 5 years, you better hop on this train…why not!?! It’s free.

Thank you for all of your feedback! We have the top games of the week, based on listener requests. They are listed below.

These will be the nationally televised games that we will be providing our free picks on this week. Make sure you listen to the Skulldog Show everyThursday night 8:30PM PST, where we will go in-depth about the games, talk some smack, take some calls and get fired up for 2011 kickoff. Also, share with friends and follow us on twitter…keep the love and the free picks flowing. Due to Thanksgiving, we will not be hosting the show on Thursday, but rather a SPECIAL BROADCAST TONIGHT at 8:30 PM PST. 

Thursday, November 24
Green Bay (10-0) -6.5 DETROIT (7-3) +6.5
Miami (3-7) +7.5 DALLAS (6-4) -7.5
Texas (6-4) +8.5 TEXAS A&M (6-5) -8.5
San Francisco (9-1) +3.5 BALTIMORE (7-3) -3.5

Friday, November 25
#3 Arkansas (10-1) +13.5 #1 LSU (11-0) -13.5

Saturday, November 26
#13 Georgia (9-2) -6.5 #25 GEORGIA TECH (8-3) +6.5
Ohio St. (6-5) +7.5 #17 MICHIGAN (9-2) -7.5
#6 Virginia Tech (10-1) -5.5 #24 VIRGINIA (8-3) +5.5
#2 Alabama (10-1) -21.5 AUBURN (7-4) +21.5
#23 Notre Dame (8-3) +6.5 #4 STANFORD (10-1) -6.5

Sunday, November 27
Pittsburgh (7-3) -10.5 KANSAS CITY (4-6) +10.5

Monday, November 28
NY Giants (6-4) +6.5 NEW ORLEANS (7-3) -6.5

Check back on Friday morning for all of our documented free best bets and top picks for ncaa football week 13 and NFL week 12.

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Listen in to the show this Thursday night at 8:30PM PST: SKULLDOG SHOW NFL and NCAA FOOTBALL BEST BETS

Please share with your friends! Our 60% plus winning percentage ain’t so bad!

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Happy Thanksgiving! There are 12 nationally televised games this weekend that we at the Skulldogshow have handicapped for your convenience. Our record (73-56) on the year speaks for itself and best of all our picks are free! Don’t listen to your douche bag of a brother in law on his “home dog” theory in the NFL or any other misguided advice on this weekend’s action. Trust the experts here. And as always our picks are free, entertaining and historically 70% accurate! On to the action and for your convenience they are listed in the order of game played….



(Going Large) New England -6.5 over DETROIT (see pick in earlier post)

(Going Medium) New Orleans -3.5 over DALLAS (see pick in earlier post)


(Going Large) Texas A&M -3.5 over TEXAS (see pick in earlier post)

Friday – NCAA

(Going Large) Auburn +4.5 over ALABAMA

(Going Small) Arizona +19.5 over OREGON

(BEST BET!!) Boise St. -14.5 over NEVADA

Saturday – NCAA

(Going Small) Michigan +17.5 over OHIO ST

(Going Small) ARKANSAS -3.5 over LSU

(Going Large) Oklahoma +2.5 over  OKLAHOMA ST.

Sunday/ Monday (NFL)

(Going Large) Philly -3.5 over CHICAGO

(Going Small) INDY -3.5 over San Diego

(Going Small) ARIZONA +1.5 over San Francisco

If you want a replay of our radio show this week, please click here for the complete review of this week’s NCAA Best Bets and NFL Top Picks!

Listen to The Skulldog Radio Show live every Thursday at 9PM PST. You can call in…and get more insight on the games we are picking. Follow us on Twitter for bonus picks during the weekend.

We hope that you share the love. The more that you spread the word, the more winners we create and the better chance we can keep the show going for free (we would rather do advertising than charge people for our picks).

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