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The Skulldog Show

…always free, always entertaining and always crushing sportsbooks with their NFL and NCAA picks!

The Skulldog Show is hosted by Skully and Findog; lifelong friends who came to the realization one day that they were better than most sports handicappers out there (and far less cheesy). After consistently finishing in the top rankings each year for their national sports-handicapping pool, they decided to take their weekly calls and publish it to the masses. Why not share the love (and the profits?). Sports handicapping was typically left for the talking heads on TV or the big name, Shamwow-style handicappers…but no more!

Skulldog + Internet = Money for the Masses (+ a little entertainment).

How do we do it? Well, there is a little secret sauce. It’s not like we pick our winners based on the name of the team mascot. Findog and Skully have been actively betting on sports for over 20 years and they each have their unique process to determining the winner. From a bird’s eye perspective, it looks a bit like this:

– Select the top nationally televised college and pro games at the beginning of the week.
– Skully and Findog go back to their respective caves and do their own individual analysis (number crunching, news updates, match-up analysis, etc.).
– The re-emerge from the cave at the end of the week and all hell breaks loose! Okay…not really, but they discuss their picks and their conviction regarding each pick.

The end result is a list of their top games, ranked by “slam dunks” to “our best guess”. Money may or may not be laid down on the picks (depending on whether you are with any formal government body) and the results have been quite spectacular and consistent.

Frankly, Findog on his own is decent and Skully on his own is as well, but together, they some how muster the magic that is known as SKULLDOG!

Thanks for caring…

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