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…always free, always entertaining and always crushing sportsbooks with their NFL and NCAA picks!

I'll miss you Skully and Findog!

I’ll miss you Skully and Findog!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for not updating earlier. Skully and Findog have been very busy working on our system in the offseason.

We have decided to go dark this season and exploit the oddsmakers. Hope you can’t blame us! After crushing the books over the past several seasons, it is kind of hard to keep our picks a bit more on the DL and work the books without moving the lines.  See our NFL and NCAA Football record as a reference.

We started to notice that our picks were being republished from other touts (can’t blame them either…but we are talking about 100% of our picks at the end of last season!), and also lines were moving away from us as a result after publicizing our picks, which made it difficult to put down more action.

Anyway, our loyal followers have profited handsomely over the past several years and we are happy for that.

We may be back next season and we may establish some new systems for other sports, but for now, we are going to focus on NCAA Football and the NFL.

Wish us luck! We certainly wish you the best in 2013!

Best Regards,
Skully & Findog
The SkullDog Show
players (at) skulldogshow . com




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