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The Skulldog Show

…always free, always entertaining and always crushing sportsbooks with their NFL and NCAA picks!

Yay SkullDog Show!

Yay SkullDog Show!

Special NFL Playoff Broadcast Tonight at 8:30PM PST.

Listen in and/or call in! 877-903-3199

We will talk about the Patriots vs the Ravens and the Niners vs the Falcons.

We’ll also take a look back at NCAA Bowl Season and our overall Track Record.

Here is our final results for the 2012 NCAA Bowl Season:
20-9-1 (including 6-1 on our top bets!)

We closed out the season as THE TOP RATED COLLEGE FOOTBALL HANDICAPPERS in the land (based on, a 3rd party handicapping monitoring service).

We were light on NFL picks because we’ve been pretty 50/50 there as of late. Our last picks went 2-3 (yawn).

For the year, the SkullDog show crushed it. We had our best year ever in terms of overall units won and were over 65% in college football.

TOTAL: 160-104-3 (*11-2-1 on Twitter Picks!)

Crushing Sportsbooks!

Crushing Sportsbooks!

Not all picks are equal! We apply UNITS to our bets:

GOING LARGE: 900 units
GOING MEDIUM: 600 units
GOING SMALL: 300 units (all twitter and radio show picks are given 300 by default)

For the full 2012 year, THE SKULLDOG SHOW IS UP +25,200 UNITS.

Skully & Findog

The SkullDog Show

**Please note that the SkullDog show does not endorse or support illegal gambling. If you do use our picks, don’t come hating on us because you gambled and lost. Gambling is still gambling and there is always a chance you can lose, even with the bad ass picks of Skully and Findog!


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