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This action plus 3 points at home? We likey....

This action plus 3 points at home? We likey….

Here are our Week 17 NFL picks. Only a few games of interest  for Skully and Findog this week due to the awkwardness that happens now every year in Week 17. What team is motivated to play? Who can improve their playoff standing? Who is playing for pride alone? A lot of randomness to contemplate as you break down each of these games and as a result there are only a few games we like.

Without further adieu:


Houston -6.5 over Indy
Arizona +16.5 over SF


Jacksonville +6 over Tennessee
Kansas City +17 over Denver
Minnesota +3 over Green Bay

**Please note that the SkullDog show does not endorse or support illegal gambling. If you do use our picks, don’t come hating on us because you gambled and lost. Gambling is still gambling and there is always a chance you can lose, even with the bad ass picks of Skully and Findog!


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