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The Skulldog Show

…always free, always entertaining and always crushing sportsbooks with their NFL and NCAA picks!

I'm calling an audible...

I’m calling an audible…

We are primed and ready for some NCAA BOWL GAME ACTION tonight! We have been laying low, protecting our loot for the season and ready to pounce on the sports books!

Join us tonight at 8:30 PM PST to talk NCAA Bowl Games and NFL Games!

Take a look at our Track Record Page:

…and you might have an idea of why we took a breather. After an up and down first few weeks, we started to roll it up.

Week 8: 17-5 (!!!)
Week 9: 9-9-1
Week 10: 11-7 (another Twitter Pick winner!)
Week 11: 9-5-2 (traveling so Twitter picks dominated! 4-1-1!!!)
Week 12: 16-6 (5-0 on best bets!)
Week 13: 19-11
Week 14: 0-0 (week off)
Week 15: 0-0 (sometimes it pays to wait and then strike when the iron is hot!)

Totals for 2012: 135-89-2 (*11-2-1 on Twitter Picks!)

Not all picks are equal! We apply UNITS to our bets:

GOING LARGE: 900 units
GOING MEDIUM: 600 units
GOING SMALL: 300 units (all twitter and radio show picks are given 300 by default)

For the full 2012 year, The Skulldog Show is up +18,300 units.

Check back on Friday morning for all of our documented NCAA Football Best Bets and NFL Picks of the Week.

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Listen into The Skulldog Show on Thursday nights at 8:30 PM PST. Get Free Picks from the Best Football Handicappers.

Please share with your friends! Our 60% plus winning percentage ain’t so bad!


**Please note that the SkullDog show does not endorse or support illegal gambling. If you do use our picks, don’t come hating on us because you gambled and lost. Gambling is still gambling and there is always a chance you can lose, even with the bad ass picks of Skully and Findog!


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